How Youfoodz scales their customer service team

“Sidekicker makes it possible for us to innovate and respond to change so quickly because we have a workforce of qualified staff with relevant experience available at the click of a button.” 


Meggan Ellis
People & Culture, Youfoodz

The client

Youfoodz is Australia’s largest pre-made meal delivery company.

They create fresh, ready-made meals, snacks & juices that can be delivered or found at over 3,000+ stockists Australia-wide.

The challenge

One of Australia’s fastest growing companies, Youfoodz has grown exponentially. From a staffing standpoint this was highly challenging:


    • Rapid growth meant Youfoodz would need extra hands on deck with sometimes only a few hours notice when volume increased
    • However, with a huge emphasis on company culture and staff performance, Youfoodz was hesitant to use traditional forms of temporary staffing as it provides no transparency, choice or control over the experience or staff being sent
    • Hence, they would spend hours every week on internal recruitment admin (posting jobs, screening applications, interviewing candidates, onboarding and payroll set up, etc)
    • This left them with a lack of agility and unable to dedicate sufficient time to the things that matter most – building company culture, training and upskilling their permanent team, and innovation


The solution

Youfoodz uses Sidekicker to:

  • Hire all staff for their customer service team, as well as warehousing and kitchen staff, when and where needed
  • Use transparent staff profiles to pick the best staff
  • Build private Talent Pools to easily rehire the same staff
  • Transition the Sidekicks they love into their permanent team


The results

  • Recruited 30+ people into their permanent team, ensuring their high standards of culture are maintained by ‘trying before they buy’
  • Scaled their business with flexibility across Australia
  • Eliminated recruitment and payroll admin for high velocity roles (e.g. customer service reps), saving hours every week.


“Sidekicker essentially empower us to have an external workforce available to hire when we need extra staff, whilst avoiding having to train new temps every time we need extra staff because we’re able to hire the same Sidekicks over and over again using Talent Pools.

Sidekicker enables us to just get the right person in as soon as possible–it saves us hours on recruitment admin. Sidekicker really makes it possible for us to innovate and respond to change so quickly because we have an on demand workforce” – Meggan Ellis, People & Culture at Youfoodz