Pinot Palooza Revel Events

REVEL Events

The Company


Revel Events are the team behind popular food and wine events including Pinot Palooza, Game of Rhones, and the Mould Cheese Festival, to name just a few.


As a company, Revel is built on a commitment to creating and delivering unique and remarkable experiences that people love and learn from.


The Situation


Prior to 2014, Revel managed their entire workforce using Excel spreadsheets. Suffice to say, “it was a hot mess”, describes Jade Mayhew, Revel’s head of Business Development and Partnerships.


The highly ad hoc operation included sporadically emailing casual staff, and frequently calling on friends and family to help run events as they grew, increasingly unable to fill shifts fast enough.


The process was fraught with inefficiency, and created time-consuming admin tasks (e.g. rostering, payroll) that had to be picked up by management.


As Revel grew and were running over 30 events a year, this manual process was simply not viable.



The Solution


In 2014, Revel was introduced to Sidekicker and has since used the platform to source, hire and manage their event staff across Australia and NZ–from medium functions with less than 10 staff to large events requiring over 30.


“With Sidekicker, we’re able to request who and what we need at the click of a button. Given we use Sidekicker for all of our events we’ve also built up a stockpile of templates and talent pools which makes the whole process so simple and user friendly–what used to take us hours now literally takes less than 5 minutes,” says Event Coordinator Claudia Martinez.


Sidekicker has also given Revel an unparalleled level of reliability and quality control. Jade describing:


“Given the volume of interviewed and prescreened Sidekicks, the platform enables us to scale with reliable staff super quickly. It’s just so fast. Now we’ve been on the platform for a while we’ve also built up a solid group of people who we love working with–they feel just like they’re ‘our people’.”


Sidekicker is also extremely cost effective, helping Revel scale up or down as needed: “Because you only pay when you hire staff it helps us stay lean, and only pay for staff for the time we actually need them for.”


“Sidekicker has been such a saviour for us–we always recommend it to anyone we work with as the best solution for hiring staff on demand.”


The Results

-Transformed their staffing processes, moving from spreadsheets to an all-in-one online platform

-Reduced time spent on casual staffing (sourcing, hiring, managing) by 150%

-Leveraged Sidekicker for several skills gaps (event assistants, F&B staff, office admin

-Eliminated admin and paperwork


Sidekicks at Pinot Palooza