Promoting SOFI Spritz across Australia and New Zealand

All Natural, All Australian

SOFI Spritz is the all natural, all Australian take on the classic Italian Aperitivo-style spritzer. It is crafted by 5th generation winemaker Simon Gilbert, and uses Riesling from the Limestone Coast of South Australia and citrus from the renowned region of Mildura, Victoria. With no added sugar, plenty of sparkling water and a lower alcohol content than most wines, SOFI is both compulsive and considered.


Sidekicker provides on-demand promo staff Australia wide

SOFI uses Sidekicker to recruit outgoing event and promo staff to assist with product sampling at various locations throughout Australia. As their client base is rapidly expanding, SOFI has found the platform easy to use as their external staffing source for their events. SOFI knows that they can rely on the Sidekicks to have the experience and knowledge required.


“Being a part of Sidekicker has allowed us to book staff with ease. It allowed us to let our previous staff join up and has provided us with a new pool of potential candidates; where a majority of which work with us on a regular basis” – Tom Maclean, Sofi Spritz


Access quality promotion staff on-demand

Using Sidekicker, you can easily log in, post a shift and choose from hundreds of promotion and events staff to further your brand. Sidekicker gives you an extended workforce in cities across Australia and New Zealand, saving you time, money and stress.

Empowered and accountable workers

Sidekicker’s rating and review system ensures all of the workers on the platform are accountable for doing a great job. Sidekicker empowers workers to choose which jobs they apply for – so they’ll always arrive with a smile.

We handle all the payroll and admin so you focus on your business

Sidekicker’s integrated payment and invoicing function is simple and and hassle free, reducing paperwork and administrative costs.