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On Demand Promotional Models for PPR

Pioneering Brand Activations with the help of Sidekicker’s promotional models

Leading PR agencies, Professional Public Relations, is renowned for producing cutting edge PR campaigns and brand activations across the country. They use Sidekicker to access hundreds of promotional staff to represent their clients at product launches and activations. Sidekicker gives PPR an extended promotional workforce at their fingertips.


Sidekicker promotional staff representing household brands

For one notable campaign, PPR put together a dynamic team of promotional models to represent one of their household clients. The goal of the promotion was to educate customers about Australian Post’s new digital mailbox service. The promotional staff worked in-store signing up customers to the service on iPads. They clearly explained the new product and rewarded new sign ups with free movie passes.

The activation took place in Melbourne and Sydney simultaneously with 30 Sidekicks dispersed over 10 stores. The promotion resulted in thousands of sign ups to the service.


“The Sidekicks were all fantastic! They were punctual, fast learners and did a great job of promoting the product.” Hannah Marcuson, PR Professional

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Exceptional promotional staff

Sidekicker’s rating and review system ensures promo staff are accountable and motivated to do a great job. We focus heavily on finding people with great communication skills, good initiative and a friendly manner.

Scale up onsite promotional staff when needed

Using Sidekicker, any PPR team member across Australia can easily login to Sidekicker and choose from hundreds of promotional staff to represent their client. Sidekicker gives you an extended workforce at your fingertips.

Complete visibility and control

Detailed profiles and ratings and reviews allow clients to have control over who works for them. The platform provides a beautiful view of what jobs you have active and who will be working on them while your workers have complete visibility of their job details.