Providing 300+ staff for a multinational manufacturing company

In September 2019, Sidekicker started working with an ASX-listed manufacturing company.

This multinational operates 50 warehouses across Australia with 600 casual staff working every day, supporting a permanent workforce of 3,000.

Workforce makeup

Using a traditional staffing agency to source their casual labour, they were challenged with the following:

No visibility over cost

Operating as part of a global supply chain, the team (warehouse supervisor, warehouse manager, accountant and CEO) reported daily on the daily labour performance and overall P&L of their production line.

As timesheets were submitted on paper, it would take weeks to reconcile actual hours worked factoring in things like overtime and absenteeism.

This meant that they were forced to report costs based on rosters done weeks in advance, which led to typical error-margins of 10-15%–a significant discrepancy when dealing with such large daily volumes.

Unable to accurately measure labour costs against productivity and output meant they were unable to optimise the performance of their production line.

No visibility over compliance

When working with risky materials and machinery, maintaining workplace safety standards is non-negotiable. The client has the following compliance requirements:

  • All workers on site have the necessary and valid right to work / visa documents
  • All workers on site have successfully completed an OH&S Induction and been properly onboarded
  • All workers operating machinery (e.g. forklifts) have the required licenses
  • With their traditional labour hire agency, their operation was fragmented across multiple systems with paper-based and manual processes.
    • This made it extremely difficult to keep track of the above, led to human error, and left this multinational at risk.

Sidekicker’s solution

Real-time cost reporting

Because Sidekicker manages clients’ staffing through a centralised online platform, everything is automatically and accurately recorded in real time.

After this company schedules their workforce, they can immediately view forecasted costs. Sidekicker’s payment engine means that all forecasts are also given in line with the correct award rate along with any penalty or overtime rates.

This allows businesses to reduce potential overtime costs ahead of time.

Because Sidekicker’s staff submit their hours online and the warehouse supervisor can approve them online instantly, actual costs can be captured almost immediately after a shift has finished.

All this data then feeds into a live reporting dashboard–viewable at company or site level–which provides instant visibility over costs and daily labour performance.

Digital compliance

Sidekicker records all certificates, visas and licenses digitally within online staff profiles, alongside any expiry dates.

Our platform disables companies from being able to send shifts and/or hire any staff who do not have all required certificates etc on their profiles, either at a company or site level.

This gives clients unparalleled security and peace of mind that their casual workforce is compliant.

The results

The business previously had no visibility over KPIs and no way to gauge the performance of their staffing agency. They now have real-time reporting, showing the following results:

  • Fulfillment rate: 100%
  • Average Sidekick rating: 5/5
  • Staff repetition: 100%
  • No show rate: 0%