Liston Landers

The Company


Launching as a sole-trader 40 years ago, Liston Landers is one of Australia’s leading Accounting and Financial services firms. With a team of 30, they have three offices across Victoria.


Liston Landers has been built on a passion for helping businesses and individuals develop, grow and succeed through simplifying the world of finance.

The Situation


In August 2016, Liston Lander’s Office Manager was leaving for maternity leave, and the firm required a replacement quickly.

However, as a service business built around the success and satisfaction of their clients, hiring the right person was critical, meaning using a traditional temp agency that wouldn’t allow visibility into candidates was risky.


The Solution


Liston Landers joined Sidekicker as it was the fastest, simplest and most cost effective way to hire a quality replacement for the departing Office Manager.


Within hours of posting their request they had selected and hired Felicity McGlinn, the candidate who best aligned with their brand.


“Sidekicker creates the perfect approach to hiring. The whole process makes it super simple and clear to view people’s prior experience, qualifications, history and skills.

For this role, where the tasks could largely be taught quickly and easily on the job, it was more important for us to hire based on personality fit, rather than who had what on their resumes. The transparent nature of the Sidekicker platform really helped us do this,” says John Liston, Liston Landers Partner.


The benefit of being able to select their Sidekick was so valuable that Liston Landers offered Felicity a full-time permanent position after three months, employing her to help launch their bookkeeping brand, Bigger Fish.


“Leveraging Sidekicker’s SMARThire feature, we were able to find an amazing employee, whilst eliminating the cost, time and risk of traditional recruitment -like advertising, interviewing, training, on-boarding, etc,” says John.


Using Sidekicker to fill immediate needs quickly also alleviated short term pressures, allowing their management team to take time to refine processes and think strategically about how they should build out their team and organisational structure.