How Gloucester Park Hires their casual hospitality and event workforce

“We save a full day per week, and being able to get quality people quickly relieves so much stress. We’re using more and more Sidekicks and we’re not looking back.”


Eddie Soto
HR Advisor

1 day per week

Saved on manual admin

The business

Gloucester Park is Perth’s premier racecourse, offering a variety of dining and entertainment spaces.


The challenge

After joining Gloucester Park, HR Advisor Eddie Soto realised he had quite the challenge in front of him. The venue had been trying to maintain a pool of over 200 casuals while only being able to offer them shifts one night a week.

“We just couldn’t give staff enough work to keep them interested. As soon as I’d filled one restaurant, someone from another bar would cancel, or a regular would tell me they’d found permanent work. We used temp agencies to mitigate this, but it was like they were just sending me bodies and didn’t care about the kind of staff I needed. There was no consistency with quality and often the staff were unenthusiastic or just didn’t show up.”


The solution

Eddie decided to trial Sidekicker with 2 staff.

“I’d dealt with so many agencies at this point, I almost wasn’t ready to look at another one. But I really liked the concept and how simple it sounded. I liked that I could manage it directly.”

Eddie posted his job on Sidekicker and was blown away by the results.

“It was so simple. I could see exactly who I was getting and the ratings they’d received from other venues. They arrived ready to get things done and we were rapt with how they performed.”

The results

Gloucester Park uses Sidekicker exclusively for all casual hospitality and event staff, saving a full day a week previously spent on manual admin.

“Sidekicker has helped us get back a lot of wasted time. The knowledge we can get decent people quickly, relieves so much stress. We’re using more and more Sidekicks and we’re not looking back.”