Frasers Restaurant Temp Staff

Fraser’s Restaurant 

Nestled amongst the gum trees of the iconic Kings Park in Perth is award-winning Frasers Restaurant. Fraser’s is a part of Fraser’s Restaurant Group (sitting under the Red Rock Leisure Group), who manages iconic venues such as Indiana Cottesloe, The Old Brewery and BWG Steakhouse


The Problem

Perth’s hospitality market is extremely seasonal, with an average staff churn rate in WA of 92% year-on-year compared to the national average of 66%.

This high churn often results in a lack of commitment and enthusiasm from casual staff, a loss of productivity with high turnover resulting in constant training and upskilling, and a shortage of skilled and experienced staff within the casual labour market.

Fraser’s are not immune to these challenges that come with running a seasonal business. Brett Kuper, the Catering and Events Manager at Frasers describing,


“In winter, our trade drops off so dramatically that our casual team pretty much has to be cut in half or the staff simply churn due to the inconsistency of work. In summer across the Fraser’s Restaurant Group our casual workforce must double to reach around 40-50 people within a matter of weeks.”


The Solution

To help tackle these challenges, Frasers engaged Sidekicker in mid 2017 to hire skilled and pre-screened hospitality staff who were happy to work on a short-term basis.

The goal was to enable Frasers to scale their workforce easily and nimbly during periods, without having to go through large recruitment drives.

Sidekicker also offered a more cost-effective solution than a traditional labour-hire firm, 

Lastly, Fraser was also empowered by the transparency that Sidekicker provides, allowing them to hand-select and communicate directly with applicants before hiring them to work shifts.

Brett shared, “For me, being able to view who I’m hiring to represent the restaurant and communicate with our clientele is a BIG thing.”


“Prior to using Sidekicker, if we needed to engage with a temporary labour hire firm, we were just sent bodies. It’s been a real game-changer to be able to view what kind of experience these staff have, who they’ve worked with before and what other businesses have said about them. For us also, having the ability to contact the staff (or Sidekicks) directly means that if we have any last minute changes to uniform requirements or venues, we didn’t need to rely on a middle-man, we can simple contact them directly.”

The Results

Using Sidekicker, Fraser’s now hire staff at the click-of-a-button, tapping into a workforce of interviewed and skills-tested hospitality professionals. As a result, Fraser’s can focus on retention and training of their core casual staff, and only scaling up their team when they need it most.

Fraser’s also said,


“We are saving a significant amount on the service fee of hiring short-term labour in comparison to the traditional labour hire firms we were using prior.”