Demonstrating and promoting the Hey You order ahead app

A new way of ordering food ahead of time

Hey You is an innovative app that allows you to order ahead and ‘beat the queue’ at your local café or favourite food outlet. Hey You allows you to leave your wallet at home with cashless payments and get instant loyalty benefits without the hassle of cards and stamping.

An Australian company with a small team and ambitious growth targets, Hey You is adding hundreds of users and merchants every week. One of their growth strategies focuses on having promotional staff on the ground in participating cafés chatting to customers about the app.


Finding a flexible promotional workforce across Australia

Sidekicker provides this flexible promotional workforce for Hey You so they can flex the volume of promotions as they need to. Hey You has trained up teams of promotional staff from the Sidekicker platform in Melbourne and Sydney, and are running up to 10 café promotions per day. Having access to an instant workforce saves Hey You money on agency fees, and time on recruitment and administration.

Sidekicker looks after the back-office administration and employment relationship so the process of on-boarding new promotional team members is simple.



Flexible staff

It’s great being able to hire quality team members for in-store promotions without having to spend time on recruitment or payroll administration.

Exceptional staff

All promo staff approved on Sidekicker have been interviewed and skills tested. Hey You know they’re going to get great people.

Easy payment

Online time sheets make it simple to track hours worked. Sidekicker looks after the employment relationship so on-boarding team members is simple.