Blakes Feast Catering

The Company

Blakes Feast is one of Melbourne’s premier boutique catering companies, providing restaurant quality food for private and corporate events.


Blakes Feast holds exclusive contract in some of Melbourne and regional Victoria’s most spectacular venues, including Botanic Gardens, NOTEL, Seville Estate and the Polo in the City.


The Situation

Given the seasonal and often unpredictable nature of the catering industry, Blakes Feast faces several challenges in workforce management which can severely impact on their business overall.

With fluctuating demands–some events require only a few staff while others required hundreds–maintaining a sufficient pool of skilled hospitality staff to call upon when needed is impossible without external support. However having used traditional temp agencies in the past, Blakes Feast had suffered from the lack of transparency, unable to select staff meaning that quality and brand alignment was jeopardised.


The Solution

Blakes Feast joined Sidekicker in 2015, and has since used the platform to source, hire and manage their casual workforce.

“Finding quality bartenders, waitresses and hostesses has become easier, faster and more cost effective than ever”, says Victoria McNiece, Blakes Feast Operations Manager.


Blakes Feast regularly posts requests for staff online in under 30 seconds, and are instantly matched to all available and relevant Sidekicks, all who have been interviewed and skills tested, and have detailed profiles with transparent ratings and reviews.

Using the Talent Pools feature, Bakes Feast also saves the staff they love working with, and are able to directly notify them for jobs.


The Results

  • Successfully scaled staff quickly whilst maintaining brand standards.
  • Streamlined staffing and rostering into one centralised online platform.
  • Eliminated paperwork (all on-boarding admin and payment is taken care of with one click on Sidekicker).
  • Saved significantly on staffing costs.
  • Created a personalised pool of skilled staff, accessible when needed at the click of a button.
  • 90% of requests for staff are filled within 1 hour.


“Sidekicker has streamlined our staffing and made rostering a suitable team to each event so much easier. We can target the Sidekicks who work best with our brand and create our own personalised pool of skilled staff.” Victoria McNeice, Operations Manager.


Easily & quickly hire skilled staff when needed

Sidekicker is the easiest and fastest way to cost-effectively source, hire and manage staff on-demand. Sidekicker gives Blakes Feast a skilled workforce at their fingertips, saving them time and money.

View rated and reviewed profiles before hiring

Sidekicker is fully transparent and gives businesses the ability to select Sidekicks that have all been interviewed, skill tested and have detailed profiles including ratings and reviews–making hiring the right people simple.

Talent Optimisation: Easily re-hire the staff you love

Blakes Feast can easily save Sidekicks they love working with or create groups based on skills, locations and roles, making it easy to organise and re-hire preferred Sidekicks.