Bike n’ Blend

The Company

Bike n’ Blend is a peddle-powered smoothie company with a unique mission to ‘blend fun with fitness’.

Bike n’ Blend use a specially designed smoothie bike that lets people create their own pedal-powered smoothies– providing entertaining catering and brand exposure at events for clients including Crown, Lion and Optus, while promoting sustainability and health.


The Situation

Back in 2012 when Sidekicker first launched, Bike n’ Blend founder Leena Van Ray was suffering from burn-out after a 12 day stint at the Royal Melbourne Show.

I did about 30 shifts at the Royal Melbourne Show and I was completely burnt out. To find help for the event, I was posting jobs on Gumtree, and asking friends and family for a hand where they could find time. I was completely exhausted afterwards.”

Sharing her exhaustion, a friend said to her, “You know what, you need to hire some Sidekicks.”

The Solution

And that’s just what Leena did! For Leena, having the ability to jump online and simply post a request for staff on-demand in under 30 seconds was a game changer for her and her business. 

“When I first used Sidekicker, I instantly loved the ability to post jobs and suddenly delegate tasks. I was able to focus on growing my business without burning out for the first time.

But the real benefit of using Sidekicker came when Leena was experiencing demand from clients in Brisbane and Sydney.

“The most beneficial thing about the Sidekicker platform was the ability to launch into different cities. We had a lot of customers wanting us in Sydney and Brisbane but we didn’t have the staff or the resources to grow into those cities. Luckily, Sidekicker had a talent pool already in the cities we wanted to expand into, so it allowed me to tap into their talent to grow and be able to run our events in those cities.”

Today, Leena runs over 600 events every year, using Sidekicker to source, hire and manage an on-demand workforce of skilled events, customer service and promotional staff for all of their pop-up events.