APPA using Sidekicker to hire staff on-demand

Australian Promotional Productions Association

The Company

The Australian Promotional Product Association (APPA) is the professional trade association for the promotional products and marketing industry in Australasia, representing over 900 companies.


Hear all about their Sidekicker experience in the video below or keep reading!


The Challenge

Prior to finding Sidekicker, APPA were faced with the following challenges:

  • Peaks and troughs throughout the year–i.e. being extremely busy during the events and trade show season–left APPA under-resourced and overworked.
  • The traditional hiring process cost APPA thousands of dollars in time and money–spent writing job ads, sorting through resumes, interviewing and onboarding people for short-term roles.
  • APPA was only discovering that new team members were not the right cultural fit for the role until they had already invested time in onboarding and training.


The Solution

When APPA CEO Steve Granland first found Sidekicker, he was enticed by three key things:


  1. Transparency: Sidekicker is starkly different to traditional temp firms, as it allowed Steve to view staff profiles (or mini-resumes), which included Uber-style ratings and reviews from previous employers. This empowered Steve with unparalleled control over the temp staff he hired. 
  2. Quality: Steve was thoroughly impressed with the quality, consistency and depth of Sidekicks available for hire.
  3. Compliance: It can be hugely challenging for businesses to be across every modern award applicable to their employees. Sidekicker has the modern award rate system built into their platform, making compliance a breeze.

“Sidekicker is the most innovative thing to happen to the recruitment industry in a long time.” – Steve Granland, CEO.

The Results

Using Sidekicker APPA:

  • Scaled their workforce to support their events and trade shows without having to commit to long-term recruitment.
  • Saved approximately $5,500 in time previously spent on traditional recruitment.
  • Fell in love with one of their Sidekicks, and offered them a full-time role via Sidekicker’s Smart Hire feature. The process mitigated the risk of committing to onboarding and contracts prior to truly understanding if the candidate was the perfect cultural fit.
  • Now promote Sidekicker as their preferred staffing partner to their 900+ members

“Using Sidekicker, we’ve saved around $5500 in time and processing and administration, and to be honest if I can use Sidekicker, anyone can.” – Steve Granland, CEO.