Happy warehousing staff at work

Anzor: Warehousing Staff


Anzor is a leading stainless steel fastener supplier that has been in operation for 25 years across New Zealand and Australia. With over 110 full time staff across 9 locations, Anzor relies on temporary warehousing staff to scale their distribution centres up during busy periods, and cover when staff are absent.



Before finding Sidekicker, Anzor was suffering the following challenges:


  1. During busy periods, permanent full time staff were being pushed to the limit on a daily basis, so Anzor needed to quickly bolster their numbers with a flexible skilled workforce.
  2. The temp staff they were hiring through traditional temp agencies were of inconsistent quality, often unreliable, and frequently arrived on the day without any prior experience or qualifications in the required skills.




Seeking a better solution, Anzor started using Sidekicker attracted to the ease-of-use and speed of the online platform, compared to dealing manually with multiple agencies.


Since then, Anzor has used Sidekicker to source and hire all their casual and temp warehousing staff–from heavy labour and night shift fillers, to general warehouse assistants.



“The way Sidekicker enables you to hire temp staff is streets ahead of how other traditional agencies operate.


Using Sidekicker’s transparent rating & review system, we’re actually able to view applicants’ profiles and select the right people for us for each shift, making who we hire my decision.


Compare this to the old-world, where I had no visibility into who agencies would be sending us until the day.


Whereas with Sidekicker we’ve seen a huge difference in staff quality – all the staff are reliable and motivated and have the skills and experience to do the job well.


Sidekicker has also saved us so much time–from posting a request, to hiring and making payment–I can do it all in just a few clicks, saving me hours.”


Jason McEntyre – National Operations Manager.