Your Guide to Award Rates for Business Admin Staff

Business Admin Award Rates

If you’re a manager in hospitality, events, manual labour or even retail- it’s likely that hiring new staff and all the admin that comes with it is a MASSIVE pain point for you. Every staff member you hire requires endless HR documents to be filled out and payroll processes to be managed!

We understand how stressful that can be.

But potentially the most stressful–you also have to keep up with 122 ever-changing Modern Award rates provided by Fair Work that your staff are paid under in Australia.

This task may seem even more daunting when it’s for a job role that you don’t usually hire for,  such as data entry or customer support. Digging through the 122 ever-changing Modern Award rates when you hire a business admin casual seems like a task you want to avoid. Immediately.

So here’s some helpful information to make this process easier!

Which are the different Modern Awards that apply to my business admin staff?

Fair Work provides a number of different Modern Awards that differ based on specific jobs that the employees are hired to do.

For example, if your worker is mainly involved in invoicing or data entry, they’re may fall under the Clerks – Private Sector Award. However, if their job is to conduct market research and gather consumer information, they might be covered by the Market and Social Research Award.

Here’s some of the most common modern awards your business admin casuals and part-timers could fall under:

  1. Clerks – Private Sector Award – If your workers engage in primarily administrative or clerical tasks, this modern award may apply to them. This is usually the most common modern award for general business admin staff!
  2.  Market and Social Research Award This award will most likely cover your staff if they’re involved in market and social research such as gathering, recording, or analysis of market, consumer or competitor information.
  3. Contract Call Centres Award – Is your business’ main function supplying inbound or outbound customer service? If so, this award should cover your business and workers engaged in these tasks.
  4. Commercial Sales Award– If your employee is a commercial traveller, merchandiser or even an advertising sales representative this award could apply to them.
  5. Labour Market Assistance Industry AwardThis award may be applicable to any business and its workers that provide work placement, job searching or personal support to people searching for employment.

Worried because none of these awards sound like they apply to your workers?

Although these are the most common Modern Awards for business admin workers, it is possible that your workers don’t fall under any of these awards, but rather one of the other 117 award rates provided by Fair Work.

So, here’s two easy ways to narrow down and find out which one covers your casuals:

  1. Fair Work’s find my award tool helps you search based on the industry and job type your staff is involved in, or
  2. Browse through the complete list of awards

And, always double-check.

We recommend being 100% sure that the Modern Award you’re looking at covers your business and workers. You can do this by checking the ‘Coverage’ clause, which is typically clause 4 in relevant award.

What award rates should I be paying my business admin staff?

Check out these pay guides provided by Fair Work that has all the rates you’ll need when doing payroll for your business admin employees.

  1. Clerks – Private Sector Award
  2. Market and Social Research Award
  3. Contract Call Centres Award   
  4. Commercial Sales Award
  5. Labour Market Assistance Industry Award

Insider Tip: Another super simple way to calculate how much you need to pay your temps and casuals is by using Fair Work’s pay calculator, which gives you information on:

  1. Hourly pay rate
  2. Penalty rates
  3. Allowances

To learn how to use the pay calculator, watch the video below!

Still confused?

The Sidekicker platform has the entire Modern Award Rate system built in, including calculating overtime rates, penalty rates and breaks. In fact, all your payroll tax, insurance and superannuation is also built in, as all Sidekicker staff are employed by us. So, the next time you need to scale up due to absenteeism or seasonality, you don’t need to think twice about compliance and awards!

Learn how the Australian Promotional Productions Association uses Sidekicker to scale up their business admin workforce here 


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