August Product Updates | 2019

22nd Jun, 2020 | Sidekicker Updates

Interview Sidekicks before hiring

For fixed-term roles where a Sidekick may be working for a number of weeks or months, we understand that sometimes you might want to interview applicants before hiring them. 

With our Interview Me Before Hiring feature, you can now do just this!

Once activated you can easily view this feature on a Sidekick’s profile after they have applied for your job. Clicking this button will release a Sidekick’s contact details.


Interview me before you hirerelease contact details
The Sidekick will be notified to expect a call from you.
To access this feature, please contact support via the chat bubble in the platform or email [email protected].  

Updates to the request form

We’ve updated the request form to give you the option to request 3 different types of work. 

  • Single shift
  • Multi shift
  • Fixed-term 

Sidekicker Gif

Single shift

Use Single shift for one-off needs. 

Example: You need to hire an F&B attendant to work at a banquet on a Friday night. 

Single Shifts On Sidekicker

Perfect for campaigns, large events or locking in your roster for the next month–select multi-shift to make a number of requests at once. 

Sidekicks will see these grouped in their app and they are able to apply for 1 or multiple shifts depending on their availability.

Please note, multiple shifts can only be posted to one category at a time. 

Example: You need to hire 15 event assistants, at different shift times, across a 5-day festival. 


Multi Shift

Fixed term

We have renamed what was previously on-going jobs to fixed term. Please use fixed term requests for jobs that are more than 2 days, such as a weekly job, 3 month contract, or simply have no end date. 

Example: You need a picker packer to work Monday-Friday for four months. 

Fixed Term Shifts