50 Blogs Every Staffing Manager Must Read

22nd Jun, 2020 | Resources

Behind every successful workforce is an amazing team of staff, who manage teams, both permanent, casual and temporary, that sometimes reach into the hundreds. They’re the silent rockstars of many businesses, and are essential to organisations–big or small.

This rockstar is you, the Staffing Manager. We know how time consuming it is to be responsible for every aspect of a company’s staffing needs, including recruiting, training, retaining and sometimes even the unpleasant task of firing employees.

Your actions can either make or break a business. To help you on your journey, we’ve compiled a list of 50 must-read blogs for you, where you’ll find an abundance of staffing information, resources and support.

This list is in no particular order.

Happy reading!

1. The HR Capitalist/@kris_dunn
Founded by HR Pro Kris Dunn, the Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix and former VP of People for DAXKO, his blog is geared towards building a community that turns strategic ideas into actionable tasks that keeps HR professionals in line with the modern workplace trends and technological developments.

2. Fistful of Talent/@FistfulofTalent
A sister blog to The HR Capitalist, this blog focuses on talent management and recruitment specific advice concerning workplace and HR issues.

3. The Recruiting Unblog/@BillBoorman
Bill Boorman’s blog is all about the interconnected fields of technology, social media and HR. You’ll expect topics which challenge the recruitment industry norm and a left-of-centre approach solution to such challenges.

4. HR Ringleader/@TrishMcFarlane
If there’s any one person who you can turn to for your recruiting know-it-all, then it has to be Trish McFarlane. An expert in HR, she brings her wealth and knowledge to highlight the emerging trends and future of the HR industry and how to best prepare for the changes in the HR world.

5. ERE/@ERE_net and @ToddRaphael
ERE was created in 1998 as the go-to place for recruiters to gather on and is now a major platform for all things HR, talent acquisition and recruiting. It is separated into three core brands – ERE (recruiting), TLNT (HR) and SourceCon (sourcing). ERE is the original publication and the go-to for corporate recruiters and seniors. It contains all you’ll need to know to recruit the best talent for your business, including opinion pieces, advice and new articles that provoke you to reconsider your recruitment methodology.

6. TLNT/@TLNT_com
Launched in 2010, TLNT serves up the latest HR news and insights. You can expect to all that you need to know to become the best leader in your field, from topics on training and development, employee benefits right through to opinion pieces on topics of interest.

7. SourceCon/@SourceCon and @sourcingshannon
Written by recruitment guru, Shannon Pritchett, SourceCon is all about forwarding the recruitment industry. You’ll find articles related to recruitment, sourcing guides, advice and opinion pieces. SourceCon is truly a blog curated by sourcers for sourcers.

8. Undercover Recruiter/@UndercoverRec
This blog is the one-stop-shop for all your recruitment needs, providing a blended perspective of the employer/employee market. From CV tips, interview advice, current trends to best practices, you won’t need to look elsewhere to update your recruiting skills.

9. Harvard Business Review/@HarvardBiz
The blog name says it all, and is definitely a must-read for all staffing managers. It contains quality content from the most experienced in the HR industry. The blog covers a wide range of topics, from industry trends right through to strategies to implement to become a better leader in your role.

10. Staffing Talk/@StaffingTalk
You can count on Staffing Talk to solve all your recruiting woes. You’ll expect to find an array of interesting articles that tackle contemporary recruitment issues as well as a few opinion pieces that touches upon topics that you’ve probably never considered.

11. The Evil HR Lady/@RealEvilHRLady
Counter to her blog title, Suzanne Lucas is not an evil HR lady. In fact, she quite the opposite and uses her blog to provide honest advice and feedback on all things related to the human resources of your company.

12. Corn on the Job/@CornOnTheJob
Created by Rich DeMatteo, a HR professional with experience in both agency and corporate recruiting, he brings together an abundance of blog posts which covers what he has learnt from his wealth of experiences.

13. Matt Charney/@MattCharney
Matt Charney is a veteran of the recruiting industry with experience in the likes of The Walt Disney Company, WarnerBros and Cornerstone OnDemand. You can be sure to expect some brutally honest recruitment advice from one of the industry’s wisest.  

14. Jennifer McClure/@JenniferMcClure
If you want to increase your leadership influence and grow your business, then you’ll want to read what Jennifer McClure has to offer. A speaker, business advisor and HR executive, Jennifer’s blog is a mix of insights, how-to and open discussion on best practices to grow your leadership and organisation.

15. Watts Next/@wattsnexthr
Founded by Sue-Ellen Watts and run by the business mind behind Watts Next, the blog is all about shaping HR for the modern world and leveraging on HR to help small to medium sized enterprises realise their visions. You’ll find all the nitty-gritty HR stuff you need to know to help move your business forward for the future.

16. The Savage Truth/@greg_savage
This blog does not hold back and gets straight to the point on how to become the best HR manager through interesting blog posts from both the employer and employee perspectives.

17. Ask a Manager/@askamanager
Written by hiring manager, Alison Green, for the benefits of employees. Her blog puts recruiters and hiring managers into the shoes of employees by answering to the problems that employees run into on their job.

18. Workology/@jmillermerrell
Founded by Jessica Miller-Merrell, a workplace technology and HR anthropologist, this blog is all about helping you become an expert in what you do – recruiting. Her blog explores the constantly changing workforce and identifies strategies that need to be implemented in order to adapt to the change.

19. Robin Schooling/@robinschooling
The drivers of success for any organisation are the human capital, so in order for any organisation to succeed, the human resources must be looked after first. Robin Schooling is all about driving better HR by educating recruiting managers through humorous but relatable blog posts.

20. No Excuses HR/@jrkuhns
Founded by Jay Khuns, a HR executive at Kinetix, his blog aims to help HR leaders to excel at their job by stripping away the excuses that hold them back from being the best leader they can be and holding leaders accountable for their actions.

21. Great Leadership/@greatleadership
No one knows the definition of great leadership much better than Dan Murphy, with over 20 years of expertise in leadership and management development. His blog covers insightful blog posts to help you become a better leader in the recruiting world.

22. Omega HR Solutions/@MikeHaberman
Mike Haberman is another veteran of HR world with over 30 years in the industry. His blog aims to tackle the HR issues of today so that companies and staffing managers like you can overcome the work issues of tomorrow.

23. Talent Culture/@talentculture
Talent Culture explores the world of work, the issues that comes associated with this world and solutions to these issues. You’ll find a wide variety of resources on the blog including podcasts, webinars and e-books.

24. The Cynical Girl/@lruettimann
Although Laurie Ruettimann’s blog is no longer active, it is still a must-read for every HR person. She combines HR, employment and technology into her posts to help you become a better leader in your role.

25. Laurie Ruettimann/@lruettimann
Laurie Ruettimann now pens under her own name. You’ll find everything that was at The Cynical Girl and so much more. You won’t get bored reading her blog. Laurie incorporates her own personal experience into her posts and writes in a fun and engaging way.

26. HR Bartender/@HRBartender
HR Bartender is run by Sharlyn Lauby, a HR professional turned business consultant. With her expertise in the industry, her insightful blog covers everything workplace related, from how to become a better supervisor right through to how to create better employee engagement.

27. Take It Personel-ly/@CBechervaise
Founded by Chantal Bechervaise, her blog covers everything office, HR and social media related with the occasional odd post here and there. You can find all the tips and tricks to help you become a better HR personnel.

28. Human Resources Director Magazine Australia/@HRDAustralia
Human Resources Director is arguably one of the best online job recruiting magazines in Australia. It contains a variety of resources to help you become a HR leader. You’ll find opinion pieces, interactive polls, white papers and webinars at your disposal.

29. BambooHR/@bamboohr
Good HR management starts from good leadership. The team behind Bamboo HR understands that and that’s why on their blog you’ll find posts that aims at helping you to become a better leader than you already are.

30. Steve Boese’s HR Technology/@SteveBoese
Written by Steve Boese, the co-chair of the HR Technology Conference, writer for the Human Resource Executive magazine and former business advisor, Steve’s blog is all about capitalising on technology to better manage your HR for the future. You’ll find blog posts and podcasts, thrown in with the occasional “best-of-the-rest” and “gift recommendation” here and there.  

31. When I Work/@wheniwork
The blog of When I Work, an employee and scheduling and time clock software, they are experienced when it comes to staffing struggles. They know it all and have all the advice you need when it comes to retaining staff, keeping staff engaged and how to create a lively work environment.

32. Staffing Advisors/@StaffingAdvisor
There’s no better advisors to go to when you need your staffing questions answered. Staffing Advisors have got all topics covered whether that be from the employee side or employer side. You’ll find employee engagement advice, how-to guide on how to write a resume through to how to better manage staff performance.

33. The Robert Half Blog/@roberthalf_anz
The Robert Half Blog is your all-in-one destination for all the tips and tricks on how to hire engaging and productive staff for your business needs, coupled in with some research about the workplace and insight to the Australian employment market.

34. Your Own Career Advisor/@TopHRblog
Your Own Career Advisor provides some very useful advice for career or job searching ventures, and while targeted at employees this blog will allow you to see the struggles employees face while working.

35. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog/@alexkjerulf
Founded by Alexander Kejerulf, founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Woohoo Inc, his blog is all about positive sharing and creating a happy work environment. Your mood will definitely be perkier after reading his blog.

36. HR Zone/@HRZone
If you’re looking for ways to improve your hiring techniques then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find all things a hiring manager needs to know on this blog, right from how to solve workplace harassment through to strategies to adapt for the future.

37. The Breezy HR Blog/@Breezy_HR
The Breezy HR Blog is all about blending technology with the modern era to help you recruit for the best people that will help drive your business forward for the future. You’ll find posts on relatable topic and proposed solutions for your issues.

38. Get Hppy Blog/@gethppy
This blog is all about creating a happy work environment and finding the right employees for your business. The people you work with will affect the work culture so it is important that you find the perfect fit. On this blog you’ll find everything you need to know on how to recruit for the right candidate.

39. Everyday People/@sbrownehr
Written by Steve Browne, a strategic HR professional, his blog is all about helping you to become a better leader and growing your company by learning to listen to those you work with. You’ll find some very interesting posts based off from Steve’s experiences in the industry.

40. Good.Co/@ingoodco
The Good & Co is all about helping you and your employees to love your job. You’ll find posts from both a manager and employee perspective mixed in together with the lifestyle post here and there.

41. Fond Blog/@fond
Fond is all about helping companies to create an environment where employees love coming in to work. You’ll expect to find articles on how to keep employees engaged in their work environment, tactics for retaining employees, how to create a warm company culture and so much more.

42. Officevibe/@Officevibe
A blog with some of the best employee engagement and company culture content available on the net, all coupled with some effortless illustrations. You’ll find step-by-step guides, advice and infographics coupled by some creative illustrations to help you be the best recruiter you can be.

43. The Tim Sackett Project/@TimSackett
Tim is a veteran in the industry and knows almost everything when it comes to managing staff. His blog is about helping organisations grow by increasing the talent base. You’ll find interesting posts with advice on how to deliver talent to your organisation and answers to questions that have probably never crossed your mind.

44. Workplace Psychology/@SQNguyen
Founded by Steve Nguyen, a talent and leadership advisor, his blog provides a psychological understanding into the workforce. You’ll find posts with advice on how to implement new initiatives and training programs to turn a stable-performing organisation into a high-performing organisation.

45. Engage/@Achievers
Engage is all about creating employee engagement. You’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to know to recruit, on-board and lead better.

46. Work It Daily/@WorkItDaily
Don’t spend your days at the desk ripping your hair out of frustration! Work It Daily is here to ease your frustration with all the career support you need to get the most out of your career and advice on how to make your workplace your second home.

47. Talent HQ/@jjbuss
Run by Jason Buss, the Vice President of global talent acquisition for MongoDB and with over 22 years of HR experience, you’ll find the best advice on how to become a better leader within your role and how to create the leaders of tomorrow by hiring the right people.

48. HR Potential/@HRPotential
Written by Helen Tracey who has over 16 years in the public sector working in HR, her blog is all about unlocking human resources potential. She also writes on how to improve the link between managers and employees.

49. Zoho Blog/@austintries
Austin Ries is brains behind the Zoho blog. He dives into the deep waters of recruiting issues and provides appropriate solutions on how to resolve these issues while at the same time providing advice on how to improve the candidate experience.

50. Sirona Says/@andyheadworth
The blog is run by Andy Headworth who has over 20 years of experience in the HR industry and draws upon this as well as leveraging on social media to help companies improve their recruitment process. You’ll expect to find advice that you can put into practice immediately.